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10 Quick Activity Ideas To Do with Your Child!

Kids tend to get bored easily as their concentration span is shorter than adults. It is a task in itself to keep a child totally immersed in any activity. So, What does it take to indulge a kid?  Probably a little effort and some ordinary objects to do what seems impossible. If you’re a parent, you must already know how easy and challenging it is to catch the attention of your kids and indulge them in positive activities. You must have tried it by now, but if you haven’t tried these quick activities, then you should take it as an opportunity and invoke some fun time together. As all these events also lead to the all-round development of your children and show how good a parent you are.

1.Stamped shirt

stamped shirts

Stamped shirt activity is easy, and perhaps the most fun and your child can wear the outcome with pride. For this, you will need a white plain T-shirt, and you can use potatoes, hands and halved bell peppers as the seal. Dip the seal in watercolors and start imprinting the designs on the T-shirt. Sounds fun already!

2.Drawing games

Nurture the creativity in your child and teach them to express themselves through art. Bring some white chart papers and a lot of watercolors, pencils, and colors. Decide a fun theme for the whole family and see who can draw better. Otherwise, you can allow your kids to explore their creativity and give them the liberty to draw whatever they want. You will be amazed to see how creative your children can be.

3.Family movie night

family movie night
Instead of going out for a family movie on the weekend, plan a fun movie night at home. It will not only allow you to spend quality time with your kids but will also encourage your children to appreciate togetherness and family time. Decide a film that has a common interest and something that would instill value and moral into your kids. Arrange popcorns and their favorite snacks and spend the night together.

4.Creating a family tree

family tree
Now, everything that you do with your children should be crazy fun, but there should also be a motive behind all the fun. It is teaching your child all the values, but in languages they understand. Do this fun activity of creating your family tree; your child will not only enjoy drawing it but will also get to know relatives in the family. Instead of drawing leaves on the trees, ask your kids to use thumbprints and use bright colors.

5.Water balloon fight

water balloon fight

This activity is fun packed and needs physical strength, but the kids will love it nonetheless. It will also teach them the importance of team spirit and to be sporty. Divide the family into two groups, distribute water balloons and see who wins! Just make sure they are wearing raincoats and the activity is conducted outside.

6.Guessing clouds formation

guessing cloud
This game might have grown old over the years but you know what they say about traditional activities, they remain evergreen.  Between all the fun and physical activity, your kids must also learn to love alone time and be imaginative. Lie in the grass together and start guessing what each one of you sees in the clouds.

Temporary tattoos

temporary tattoos
A great parent is one who doesn’t restrict a child’s potential; instead, they find ways to explore and encourage the kids to be whatever they want to be. It will eventually help the child in making important career decisions later in life. Doodling is an art that many doesn’t possess. If your kid loves doodling or drawing, encourage them by making temporary tattoos our of his/her art. It’s an activity that blends and see what your children can come up with.

8.Build a fort or a sleeping tent

Build a fort or a sleeping tent
As kids, we all loved to make forts inside our room. It was an escape in itself, a safe hideout. Build one of those with your children as well. Bring some bedsheets, furniture, and pillows and indulge the family in the construction of a fort or a tent where your kids can sleep in.

9.Treasure hunt

treasure hunt
Entrust your children with lessons about ‘reuse and recycle’ by not buying loot from the stores for the treasures. Instead, use stationeries, baked cookies, homemade coupons for treats, jewelry, etc. They will not only enjoy this fun activity but will also learn to enjoy with small things in life.


Outdoor activity can be a great way of bonding and know the physical strength of your kids. Take your children out for a game of badminton or any other physical activity to let the sweat out and impart healthy living. You can treat them ice cream after the match, irrespective of who win.

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