Our Vision & Mission:

To make education purposeful and create ‘a joy for learning’ by blending creative drama with education. To empower the individual to become a self – leader. To engage, explore and experience learning in every step of life so as to achieve one’s full potential.

We are born with a natural curiosity to learn and interact with the world around us. At Steady Steps, we aim to provide the individual with an enriching and nurturing environment that enables them to become self-leaders. They then become individuals who are responsible, motivated to communicate, enjoy interacting with others, have greater physical freedom and enjoy the process of learning.

Our curriculum provides teachers with a structure that builds the confidence, communication and imaginative abilities of each individual. This helps them to systematically develop the skills needed for achievement in their academic and social lives.

We recognize the valuable, supportive role that parents play in making a difference to their child’s behavior and success at all stages of education. We promote a healthy learning community in which children, parents, and teachers partner with each other continuously.