Acting Class For Kids, Kids Acting School

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy! And we at Steady steps believe in your child’s overall development and not mere mental blossoming. Gone are the days when parents expected their child to be good just in studies. With ever increasing competition it’s a need of the time to make your child excel in other field too along with education

Every child is unique and has its own distinctive talent. They can be a good dancer or singers or actor and it is our responsibility as a guardian to nourish their talent and convert it into a skill.

One of such talent is their ability enact i.e. acting. We all have favorite actors. We are just in aww when we see them on screen so why not make our child ready to contribute something to this world in a creative way. Acting teaches your child to use not only their mind but also their body thereby imparting in them expressive abilities and self-confidence.

Ideal for beginners, our acting classes Steady Steps focus on learning through dramatic play and interactive sessions. The workshop we hold for imparting acting skills to a child aims to train them not only for stage, but for leadership in life as well. Students are introduced to various shows and telly based communication activities, voice and speech enhancing games, storybooks, creative drama, art and craft, phonic sounds of letter and words. We also work at developing English communication skills, confidence, team work and social skills through a variety of methods viz. Rhymes with movement, action songs, drama and fun based activities which are exploratory and engaging.

  • Age appropriate storybooks, puppets and literature used
  • Teacher led group drama Classes
  • Art and craft to support retention of drama
  • Audibility of voice and clear speech promoted
  • Are limited in size so that every student gets individual attention
  • Continually measure progress and development
  • Friendly and nurturing class room by specialist teachers

At Steady Steps we make a rare and nurturing setting along with a world-class facilities and experienced teaching to bring out the best in your child. We have divided the classes in various sections so that we can give complete attention to each and every child. Child is taken through the domains of acting helping them find their own distinction, shortcomings and qualities. Kids likewise figure out how to make companions and communicate with others around. In the underlying sessions they are taken through different activities which will help them get settled with acting. They are additionally educated, however amusements and activities, strategies to create self-assurance, enjoy innovativeness, upgrade their creative energy, figure out how to confide in others and create center in their activities. Their presentation and rhetoric aptitudes will likewise be touched after helping them to be better speakers.

Children develop very fast and hence every child group has different needs. Recognizing this we have different classes for different age group of children. The various class group for which we hold these classes are as follows:

  1. Beginner Level Acting Classes For Kids
  2. Junior Level Drama Class For Kids
  3. Club Level Theater Training School

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Improvement in confidence of the child
  • They learn to express themselves and improved communication
  • Learns participation through involvement in extra-curricular activities
  • Improvement in concentration
  • Improved coordination of speech and body

Learning to act is not only a fun activity but has many more benefits helping in overall development of your child.