At Steady Steps we also provide training and workshop to the adults along with giving the best play school experience to your child.

Our Division Centre for Research and Training (CRT) runs workshops for adults who are interested in enhancing their personal skills. Some of the fields we focus at are as following:

  • Parenting and working with children – Good parenting is very important for overall success of your child. Even after complete efforts made by parents there are points which they forget to ponder at. At Steady Steps we tell about key points of good parenting.
  • Early Childhood Education – Along with being taught at school some learning at home is also required. So we educate parents about teaching methods which should be used at home to teach their children.
  • Speech and Drama education – This helps in working developing skills other than studies. Extracurricular activities are as vital as theoretical education in one’s development and this course is entirely focused on how to impart all round development.
  • Public speaking and Presentation – Learning how to speak publically and present one has many advantages like improved confidence, better communication skills etc. So this course focuses on your personality development skills.

The CBSE and NCERT boards of education have been increasingly realizing the need for a structured program to enhance the creativity, imagination and learning skills of children. A structured approach is being followed as it is easier to monitor growth and development when the learning process is systematic.

The Centre for Research and Training has grown leaps and bounds in the recent times because of the strong need to educate adults to train children in this methodology. Our professional trainers have been working on making such improved courses for adults in the fields of Speech and Drama, Communication and Presentation skills, and Early Childhood Education. We run courses that lead up to teaching certifications and customized workshops for school teachers, parents and adults.

At our workshops we try to maintain international standards in imparting knowledge. We not only work on theoretical syllabus but also its practical implication. All the listed skill set are quite important and it also help in shaping one’s own career. Our training centers are equipped with all the modern facilities required for the training.

This also helps in understanding the principles and processes involved in various aspects of child growth & development. There is also awareness created about the role or to say the correct role which is required to be played by teachers and parents.

There is a huge lack of such adult training center and we are trying to bridge this gap. This will not only help in creating professional in this field but also the future of the child will be in a safer hand. So if you are thinking of working in this field or you are a parent who wants to give the best future to his child, our adult training classes are then going to be highly beneficial for you.