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Healthy and Fun Guide to Safe Your Kids From Summer Heat!

Summers are here yet again, and they are here with all the heat, sweat and humidity. Even as adults, we are troubled by the scorching heat and life becomes pretty hard, so think about the plight on your little ones who are tender and can be hurt even by the slightest change in climate. Not to mention the harsh effect the weather can have on them.

But worry not! We are here to help with some fun and cool tips, home remedies, and insane safe ideas to help your kid beat the heat while they enjoy the summer outdoor. And the parent, be cautious about everything because Heath is of utmost importance but don’t forget to have fun. So read on!

 1.Keep your kids hydrated:

Provide your children an attractive water bottle, something they are very fond of. It is necessary that they keep drinking fluids through the day to flush out toxins and stay energetic the whole day. And nothing can be more efficient than water!

2.Increase the intake of salads and seasonal fruits:

Infuse the habit of eating salads, not at ones but in small quantity on a regular basis to build a healthy diet routine. Also, onions are said to be amazing at keep the body temperature cool and regulated. Not just the salads but intake of seasonal fruits should be included in the regular diet. Fruits like Watermelons, mangoes, litchis, berries, cucumbers, peaches and plums boost the immune system and will help them be safe from the summer.

3.Stick to light clothes:

Nothing beats a light cotton outfit. This season, change your kid’s wardrobe with cotton clothes that are light in color, comfortable and loose fitted. This will allow them to play with ease minus the sweat.

4.Swear by sunscreens:

Make sure that you apply a good sunscreen with SPF that is at least 15 before your child goes out. You should never run out of sunscreen during summer. It will protect them from the harmful rays and might prevent skin infections. But don’t forget to apply the sunscreen at least 20 minutes before they go out.

5.Maintain Hygiene:

Bathe your kids regularly, morning and evening are advisable. And asks your kids to wash their hands as often as possible, before and after a meal and also after doing any activity. Make sure  to keep the kids fresh, clean and rejuvenated.

6.Protect your children from mid-day sun:

Abstain your kids away from all outdoor activity when the sun is at its peak which is from 12-4, that also when it is harshest as well. Allow them to indulge in all recreational activities during morning and evening.

7.Keep the head and ear covered:

Whether you are taking a walk or traveling by vehicle, keep the head and ears of your kids covered at all costs. Keep adequate hat, sunglasses, and scarves.  It is said that heat attacks the body from the head and ear.

8.Avoid junk food:

Junk food is a big no for kids, especially during summers. Instead, encourage healthy diet with food that is prepared at home with hygiene.  It will keep them in strength and away from unwanted sickness and stomach infections.

9.Enroll them in a healthy exercise class:

Enroll your kids in a yoga kids or swimming class, if they are old enough to do such exercise. They will stay active and built their immune system. Look for something near the house and encourage them for morning and evening classes, help them beat the summer heat and learn something new.

10.Introduce refreshing summer drinks at home:

Prepare new smoothies and summer cooling drinks every day. Asks your kids to be involved in it while you make it so that they might become interested in having it.  Try lemon juice, fresh fruit juice, coconut water and buttermilk to keep them refreshed.

11.Use insect repellents:

Apply insect repellent on the exposed areas every time they go out to play. It keeps them safe from insect bites and bugs which might cause various infections.

12.More ice-creams please:

Kids love ice creams. Give them as much as they want but make sure that it is homemade. You can also freeze different fruit milkshakes and give them to enjoy, and they might have it without knowing how healthy it is.

These are some of the summer tips to swear by if you have kids. Trust me; summer can be made fun and be enjoyed in the right manner without any sickness or accidents. If you have any other suggestions or ideas, do let us know in the comment section below.

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