Meenakshi Chibba – Director

In 2001, Meenakshi and her children were part of a wonderful Creative Drama class in Singapore. She was able to experience first hand how the skillful use of drama could magically transform the learning process to being a fun, engaging and self teaching medium for all age groups.

There was no looking back after that. The rest they say is history. Through her passion and perseverance she brought this innovative approach to learning to India She undertook the training in Creative Speech and Drama, partnered with the facilitators, and now coaches adults using Creative drama as a tool for making the learning process come ‘alive’.

Her vision for Steady Steps is to blend creative drama with education so that children can meaningfully participate and interact with what they are learning and it becomes joyful to experience the ‘I CAN’. She believes strongly that learning is not an end product – but a process in which every step is useful to build one’s potential.

Having seen the positive effects of drama in her own children, she feels a sense of pride and happiness when she receives feedback on how these programs have transformed the lives of thousands of children that undergo our programs. It’s a celebration when new talents are discovered in children while they perform, overcoming shyness and lack of confidence.

As a director, Meenakshi works very closely with parents, accepting their inputs and valuing their feedbacks as a process of constantly refining the way we present learning opportunities for our children.

David Gabriel – Director

David Gabriel is an educationist as well as a businessman living in Singapore. He has been in the education business for more than 20 years, having been one of the founder members of Julia Gabriel Centre in Singapore in the 1980’s. He has capablymanaged the company’s expansionprogrammes overseas for several decades. He is currently involved in ventures in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

David is not only interested in the present manner in which education is taught, but being a visionary – also actively participates in looking at new ideas for introducing in the classroom. His researches have led him down an exciting path which he is currently engaged with and is excited to introduce a dynamic new way to approach education in the coming months.

Being a dramatist himself, he is valuable participant in the creative development of the curriculum and programmes that we teach.

Samiksha Singh