A child’s mind is like wet clay which needs proper hands to turn it into a beautiful pot. We here at Steady Steps the Best Preschool in Delhi try to give your child the best learning experience of their childhood so as to give them a beautiful tomorrow.

Research and studies have demonstrated that the initial five years of childhood are the most developmental. Unfathomable learning and indispensable mental and psychological development happens amid this period. In these years, the child has an exceptional capacity to soak up and prosper at a captivating pace. Our projects are custom fitted to encourage each youngster’s social, stylish and engine aptitudes. We create age-proper movement based learning for the kid’s overall improvement

We are the best preschool in south Delhi, and that’s what most of the parents can be heard telling other people.

We work on strong ethical grounds and treat your child as special as they are to you. Every child has different needs, different learning capabilities, and different interests. So do we have different facilities for catering your child’s different needs?

But you must have heard these lines from various preschools you would have visited, so what’s different in us. Following:

  • We work with a vision of making learning a creative and enjoyable experience. We try to incorporate stories, show them interesting video clips, and play amazing games as such that they will indirectly help in their proper growth both physically, mentally and socially.
  • We don’t try to force things on a child to do, instead create environment to make them participate at their own will. We have instructed our teachers to lead by example.
  • In addition to regular preschool activities, we conduct many part time courses and extra-curricular activities.
  • We are committed to the highest quality of instruction and attention to each child. We keep ourselves updated about the latest methods of teaching from all over the world. This gives your child a world class nurturing. We think this must be the reason that we are called the best preschool in Delhi.
  • We just don’t tell things but we also listen to them. This will not only help your child in development of their intelligence but also make them feel important and in turn making them confident. This is the point which most other schools leave but not here at Steady Steps.
  • We try to make the learning process like playing games to them. What we mean by this that it is such that they will never think learning as something of not their interest but will wait what new is being introduced next to them.

There are many other small things we notice in each child. There is something special in each child and we try to encourage that.

Our Best preschool tag is something which not only makes us proud but also gives us a satisfaction that we have given the best of what your child deserves.

We at Steady Steps believe that after being nurtured here, your child will surely excel in their future making us all proud!