Preschool in Ludhiana and Delhi

A solid beginning is like a solid foundation of a building. Stronger the foundation, better the building is. And at our play school we give your child that solid foundation which is best suited for him/her for a bright future.

The age between 2 to 3 is the age when the child has just developed few of basic life skills like speaking, understanding and reacting. They explore, share, learn and connect with the environment. Also this is the age where they start their school in the form of play school. At this stage children are eased into the routine of a formal school setting and come independently into class. So it becomes an absolute requirement to shape and enhance this phase of their life. And we are proud to say that we rightly do so.

The approach of our play school is simple – keep your little one interested. Once the interest builds everything else good follows. At this age we introduce them to the world of dance, music, communication, art and more to slowly but steadily nurture their progress in the preschool.

Some of the activities in which we involve your child are as follows:

  • Simple addition, subtraction using interactive methods like Abacus. This will help not only in some mental exercise but also increasing their IQ level
  • Playing games with group using various props. This way they will learn making friends and cooperation.
  • Purposeful play. This will make them learn new things but without any burden instead in a way they will believe that Learning is Fun.
  • Identifying colors, smell, objects just by touching, taste etc. Such activities will help in overall development of all their 5 senses.
  • Identifying various body parts such as head, eyes, nose, mouth, arms, legs, hands, and feet and then planning activities in which they can use each in a significant way.
  • Involve them in fun activities after all childhood is a phase to enjoy.

Every class at our play school has two English-Speaking teachers who are experienced, patient and trained to help children settle into their independent status. They aim to instill positive self-esteem and confidence in children. Also various programs are held for our teachers so that they can learn the best way to educate your child.

Here foundation of language skills are built and the focus is on co-ordination and development of gross motor skills of your child. Also the physical, mental and emotional balance of your child is also taken care off.

Eventually you will see that the good and happy change in your child. Few of your kids development areas are as follows:

Language and literacy development.

Communication skills development.

Social and emotional development.

Physical development.

Emotional expressions.

And many more.

So you can be sure of your kid here at Steady Steps. We are one of the best play / preschool in Delhi. Our approach towards your child’s education is to give them best. So be worry free. We want to be your partner in raising your child the right way – your way.