Getting educated is not just bound to elicit bookish knowledge but it is a vast stream which includes everything which helps in complete development of a child. At Steady Step we believe in building Self Leaders in each child so as to conquer in every field of life.

Along with teaching those languages, subjects etc. we also impart knowledge related to self-improvement like communication skills, acting, expressing oneself, participation in group and a lot more.

These life skills based, educationally sound program go way beyond just language building. It helps build the present and the future of the children. No child should miss this great learning process.

The leadership skills sets that we focus in all our classes are:

  • Interpersonal Skills – Despite the fact that they are among probably the most vital abilities for kids to grow early, interpersonal aptitudes frequently miss guardians’ radar for formative turning points.

Truth be told, interpersonal aptitudes go a long ways past the social and relational abilities that regularly concern guardians. In any case, helping youngsters build up the full scope of interpersonal aptitudes is a standout amongst the most essential things you can do to guarantee they grow up to have solid associations with others

  • Expressive Speaking – May times it is seen that children lack the skill of expressive speaking. According to study around 3-10% of all children may be late talkers. But it is possible to improve it by working on it on daily basis. We take care of it and to give complete attention we have specialized teachers.

We use methods like modeling, expansion of single words to many, imitation, giving choices and asking to respond, picture communication etc.

  • Organizational skills – Learning to organize is not an easy task for small kids. Organizational skills must be incorporated in children from very beginning and both teachers and parents should work on it. As the child spends most of his time in school, we become more responsible for it.

We use various fun filled methods to make your child organized. Some of these methods are like making checklists, keeping family calendars, categorizing, labelling and sorting etc.

Once a child learns to organize it helps them a lot later in their life. They become sorted and can decide how they have to plan various things of importance. Organizing skills also help in learning and studying.

Children are always indulge in new exercises and appear to be on the go constantly, which can regularly bring about muddled rooms, lost things, missed due dates, and dissatisfaction.

Organizational skills are vital for youngsters – not just for fundamental reasons like keeping a clean room additionally to help with school work and exploring a bustling calendar of additional curricular exercises, homework, and time for family and companions. It helps a child in coming up with a plan and follow through to get the work done successfully.

When all the above factors are taken care of in a child’s education the result is quite overwhelming and a good future is ensured.