6 Month to 15 Month Baby Day Care in Delhi

In today’s fast moving world both the parents have to work and this has become the need of time. But this social structure has become a concern for the parents that how their kid will be looked after then. And now child day care has emerged as the leading solution for the problem. These child day care centers completely look after your child from their food requirements to education to all round growth.

But there are few 1000s of day care school and again a question arises which day care school to choose.
We at Steady Step can assure you that we can be your best choice when it comes to you child day care school. We are guided by an international body and hence meet global standards.

We at Steady Steps provide day care schooling facility for children of the age 6 to 15 months. Also we have many branches in Delhi, Ludhiana etc. The facility provided is of world class and looking after each aspect of child development.

Why to choose us can be summarized in following points:

  • Safe and secure environment for your child, which is the utmost concern of today’s parents.
  • CCTV cameras in each classroom so that the parents can watch their child live. There are dedicated apps for the surveillance.
  • The food provided here are highly nutritious and junk food whatsoever are strictly not allowed. Also the menu is shared with the parents too. The kitchen used for cooking is in most hygienic conditions.
  • The teachers and caretakers are well trained ones. Also we keep in mind that they are compassionate towards each child.
  • No discrimination between children on any basis. We provide an environment where your child feels free and equal. We believe that children are gifts of God sent in different packages.
  • Lots of activities for the children. The activities are planned as such that these help in overall growth of the child i.e. both physical and mental.
  • Some of the activities are storytelling, video clipping, dance & music, coloring, sandpit etc. There are also various outdoor activities like sliders, swings and other such physical games.
  • Our classrooms are brightly lit, visually attractive studios along with our handpicked touch and feel objects enable the child to steadily progress and meet their sensorial milestones.
  • We also have adult accompanied programs to create a strong bond between the child and the caregiver through their shared experiences, under the keen guidance of the teacher.
  • We know that every child is different and hence we take care of your child in the same manner.
  • 6 Months Baby Day Care in Delhi & Ludhiana
  • 15 Months Baby Day Care in Delhi & Ludhiana

When all the above factors combine it automatically boosts your child’s overall development. The child grows and gets nurtured. Also the parents are relieved when they are sure about their child’s safety and excellent environment they are being provided at the day care school. So the parents can stay sure and worry free!

We take best care here at Steady Steps and are inclined towards delivering high quality education and child care for your child.

Frequency : Once or Twice a week