Steady Step offers a Teacher Training certificate course by Trinity College London Cert TCL (FT). The aim of the course is to lead to Foundation Teaching in Speech and Drama. This course is important as it brings confidence in children along teaching them to express. But there is lack of teacher’s expert in this field and this course fulfills it.

The teacher training course for speech and drama is an intensive course of 9 months. The course can be done by any adult individual who has interest in teaching Speech and Drama to the children. It can be useful when they want to pursue this as their career and apply for the same in schools, private studios or even at their home. Duration of this Teacher Training course is 9 months.

Once the course is completed it signifies that the individual pursuing it has an International Certificate in Speech and Drama for children of age 3 to 8 years.

This course is designed by an international body and hence meets global levels. It develops the participants’ knowledge, understanding, skills & ability to develop lesson plans in Speech & Drama in early childhood. The course includes crucial modules on Early Childhood milestones thus equipping the teacher to understand and interact effectively with the age group they will be teaching. In this course of nine months the objectives which can be achieved are listed below:

  • Participation with others
  • Building self-verbalization and certainty
  • Dissecting circumstances and characters
  • Tableaux, Improvisations, Role-Play
  • Listening with compassion Critical considering
  • Basic valuation for different writings
  • Enhancing focus
  • Confronting and looking at issues
  • Critical thinking and discovering solid arrangements
  • Script Writing
  • Coordinating – Choral course, dramas, development with sounds

The course has both practical and theory parts in order to equip the trainee teachers with the best possible learning. The sessions in this course incorporate classroom exchanges/investment, hands-on preparing exercises and associate educating practice. This gives the teachers plenty of scope to train the children successfully.

This teacher training course is one of its kind in Delhi. In today’s’ world with parents demanding the best for their children in everything this course creates a milestone. Due to increasing competition there is an absolute need of skilled teachers and this is what the aim is of this course.

Most of individuals who have done this course are sought after in International schools where Speech and Drama are an integral part of the education system.

Our trainers prepare participants for the Unit 1 group examination with a Trinity College London examiner who conducts the exam for a batch of trainee teachers. Unit 2 of the Cert TCL (FT) then involves teaching at least one group of children in the 3 to 8 age-range and entering those children for one of Trinity College London’s age-appropriate syllabuses.

So if any individual who wants to make his/her career in this field then this international teacher training for speech and drama is the best in Delhi. It is also highly recommended by many who have done the course earlier.